here's the album mayb listen while u read

Tunes to Trace by

Artistic direction pitch

Hey Flibbers!

What I'm looking for at its core is:

  • Album Art
  • Materials to use in Digital Booklet (to accompany album)
  • Consultation/Editing of Digital Booklet
  • Quote(s)

Basically, I want to get some new album art designed + I think I'm going to design a digital booklet to go along with it (which I can handle b/c $$$, but let me know your thoughts on that) - but, since I'm not up on professional production stuff, I could use some consultation (and/or editing) of that booklet to make sure I fit the iTunes store guidelines. Lastly, I'd love a quote for this work so I have an idea of how much I should pay you / will owe you / should expect to owe you when I can actually afford you.

Album Art

There are a few things to know about the album art:

  1. I hate the current art
  2. The album title is a riff on another album's title
  3. The aesthetic of the music is, overall, "dark, deep, neurons in space"


EyeWire Album Cover.jpg

The Current Artwork

I do not like this


Songs to Test by

The Portal 2 Soundtrack


Aesthetic Inspirations



This pic is a good representation of the space I occupied while writing a lot of the music. Deep blues and purples, perhaps with a touch of neon/light.

Here's some neuron/brain shit. I think it's relevant. Neurons also seem to be represented this way pretty often

 neuron/brain shit

neuron/brain shit

The Pitch

Here's what I'm thinking. EyeWire is all about making these little neuron cubes. (have a look at the "explore" section of this webpage. click the lil explore)

So, we take some deep blues, purples, generally a space background - connect neurons with these little cubey guys (so like the above, except with cubes instead of these little fiber globs) and then do an homage to the Portal 2 soundtrack image - putting the title in A L L C A P S inside of brackets at the top, putting EyeWire Soundtrack at the bottom, and sticking Slide20xl on there somewhere. (probs bottom) And maybe having a little guy on a ledge looking up at it? Might be too literal, though.

Cool? Cool.

Digital Booklet

I want to add something to this album re-release - so I thought, how about a digital booklet? I'm not sure what I'll put in it yet. Maybe some kind of artist's commentary on the tracks / music system. Who knows?

I'm thinking it'll be good to get some of your materials to use as backgrounding / your font choices / your colors / etc etc

Here's what one looks like. I think I'll try to keep things roughly this simple.

But here's the thing. iTunes has these guidelines for a digital booklet. Specifically, something like:

  • PDF format with “.pdf” extension

  • Four-page minimum

  • All fonts embedded

  • 72 dpi minimum

  • 11 in x 8.264 in (28 cm x 21 cm)

  • RGB color

  • Horizontal presentation

  • All images full-bleed

  Important: These booklets are expressly designed for the iTunes Store format, and cannot be reproductions of the liner notes with borders to increase their size. 

Content Considerations:

  • When saving as PDF, make sure the document opens full screen with no negative space surrounding the document.

  • File size should be reasonable (8 - 10 MB max). If the digital booklet is many pages, consider using fewer images or optimizing images to achieve lower overall file size.

  • Printer’s marks are not allowed.

  • You cannot sell or advertise other products or services. No other promotional sites are allowed.

  • No links to anything outside of the booklet, except to the artist and/or label website(s).

  • No time-sensitive information (for example, a promotion or dates for an upcoming tour or concert).

and John is not 100emoji he knows what he's doing. I could use some help making sure I don't fuck that up.


How much $$$$????

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